FV Crossings = Form-Based Code High Density and Anything Goes Zoning.  There is no going back! 

As I continue to maintain since late 2015 – and for good reason: The 65' brightly lit 24/7 Clear Channel sign (EMC - Electronic Message Center Sign) still shows as "pending" per FV City Hall... giving us all very good reason to be concerned the sign could come in easily under "form-based code" and shine into some Costa Mesa and Fountain Valley bedrooms for 30 years with 24/7 commercial advertising, in the event FV Crossings passes.

Yes, it is part of the
Final EIR (Environmental Impact Report). See below how this graphic shows “Fountain Valley Crossings Specific Plan Project Final EIR” at the bottom.  It is page 100 of the Final EIR.

This is a real concern -- not to mention new high density housing and office buildings of up to 6 stories looking into and onto your property.