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We have secured a fabulous CEQA Attorney

Yes, we are very fortunate to have a very prominent CEQA Attorney onboard to assist us with FV Crossings.  She is Ms. Ginetta Giovinco of Richards, Watson, & Gershon.

She has 4 published Appellate Decisions.  Read more about her here.

Here, starting on page 15. is Ms. Giovinco's most recent public comment letter to the City for the period ending on November 20, 2017.  Here's Ms. Giovinco's letter to the City of Fountain Valley during the prior public commenting period. 

The City's responses to Ms. Giovinco's letter are on pages 500 - 533 of this link to the Final EIR (Environmental Impact Report).

Confidential legal fund donations may be mailed to:

Fountain Valley United

c/o 18659 Los Leones Street

Fountain Valley, CA  92708