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Please click on each page title to see the 83 very concerning items…. 44 in depth questions and 39 points never addressed with the public before City Council unanimously approved the still tremendously defective Fountain Valley Crossings Plan:

Page 1 - Reasoned Concerns & Questions on the Fountain Valley Crossings Specific Plan Project

Page 2 - Lack of a Comprehensive Financial Analysis of the Costs & Benefits of the Crossings Project

Page 3 - Traffic

Page 4 - Parking

Page 5 - Schools Impacted

Page 6 - Impact to Resources

Page 7 - Impact to Adjacent Neighborhoods & Business Areas

Page 8 - Public Service Costs Will Not Increase over what is Spent Now on this Area

Page 9 - Incompatibility of Mixing Residential Within an Existing Commercial Industrial Area

Page 10 - Change to the Quality of Life for the Whole Community

Page 11 - Summary

So.... why is FV Crossings a "no"?

-Greenlighting the FV Crossings Project will allow the property owners to out their light manufacturing / industrial area tenants and then erect high density housing, and office buildings, of up to 6 stories.  The businesses in the FV Crossings area are very happy to be doing business as they are.  Unfortunately, not very many of them own their buildings...

-Tremendously increased traffic to cause congestion and further delays in your access to the 405 Freeway.

-The 405 Freeway Expansion project adding 1 lane at Euclid will start in February, 2018 -- slated to be complete in late 2023 (6+ long years of work and major inconvenience to our residents, businesses and visitors to FV).

-All the bridges in Fountain Valley will come down and be rebuilt.

-We will have lots of freeway and road detours, construction noise, and extra traffic on our city streets for at least 6 years starting this year.

-Ward Street will have 4 lanes and 2 bicycle lanes.  All this freeway, bridge and road work is totally separate from the FV Crossings Project. Even visitors to our city will be affected, not just our residents and businesses.

-Increased crime, transients and panhandlers in Fountain Valley.

-Many vacant new housing units, just like Huntington Beach.  Thousands still available on Craigslist.

-Effects to property prices; limits on how your building or property can be used ... “Form-based code”.

-Tremendously increased water usage; you’ll have to cut back to accommodate all the new customers!

-It will create more demand for Fountain Valley schools.  We've already closed several.  Many of our students come from other school districts.  More tacky looking, portable classrooms coming soon?

-Business insurance and leasing rates increase; while lease terms are shortened.

-An electronic message board (EMB) could be erected under the new “form-based code”.  Yes, a towering, brightly lit 24/7 Clear Channel sign for commercial advertising – and for 30 years!  In fact, in the Final EIR this project is still listed as pending with the city -- hasn't gone away. 

-City Hall just raised numerous building & planning fees surely in anticipation of City Council approval.

-Complaints increase involving noise, smells, work hours, truck traffic in industrial / light manufacturing area.

-Overflow residential parking onto business parking.

-There are no planned parking structures.

-There is no greenspace.

We DON'T need the money, as the voters approved a 1% sales tax increase that took effect on 4/1/2017.  It's for 20 years!

The City will be getting an ADDITIONAL $11.5 million dollars annually for the next 20 years!  City Hall has not done any financials on this -- the largest redevelopment in our City's history that would oust our light manufacturing / industrial area here in Fountain Valley.  We do not want or need the highrise housing and office space our former City Manager, Bob Hall, who was previously with Huntington Beach and facilitated many of these projects, is wanting to bring us. 

Our City Manager resigned and left, as did our HR Director, Finance Director, and City Council Member Mark Mc Curdy.  Huntington Beach has thousands of housing units -- still vacant and on Craigslist. Traffic, crime, water usage and the number of transients have increased.  This is better suited for other cities who really want it.

Help me preserve the integrity of our "nice place to live".  Do we want highrise housing of up to 6 stories aka "stack and packs" and "high density" for our city?    Everywhere I go, I hear, "no".

I would be thrilled for new housing with traditional zoning

elsewhere in the city if it worked out for property owners wanting that.  This is definitely not that type of a project.

FV Crossings = Form-Based Code High Density and Anything Goes Zoning.  There is no going back!