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Fountain Valley Crossings in the News:

Fountain Valley City Council unanimously passes controversial Crossings plan...O.C. Register 1/24/2018

Much Debated Fountain Valley Crossings Project in the Home Stretch ... O.C. Register 1/9/2018

Fountain Valley delays action on controversial Crossings plan ... O.C. Register 6/20/2017 and FV View 6/21/2017

“Fountain Valley United objects to any further action on the Project until the necessary and proper environmental review has been completed and the public has been provided a meaningful opportunity to comment on the revised EIR,” the letter from Ginetta Giovinco concluded.

Mogensen said the letter had no bearing on the city decision.

“They can take credit for it if they want to,” Mogensen said of the recirculating of the report. 

Kim Constantine, an opponent, said the existing report was severely lacking, including its failure to address possible construction of more than 1 million square feet of development on an adjacent project.

“We urge you to go back and do it the right way,” Constantine said of the environmental study.

Fountain Valley at a crossroads as council reviews Crossings plan for retail, entertainment and housing

... O.C. Register on 6/19/2017

“The city is not being honest with the people,” Constantine said, calling the promise of a promenade-style area a bait and switch tactic.

“It’s all about the housing,” she said.

However, Collins said, “I think you could go there in five or 10 years down the road and see the same businesses.”

(I'm wondering if Mayor Collins has ever been to Bella Terra?  The approval for the high density housing came, then the demo and building began....super fast. As a reminder, Bella Terra was primarily a commercial center before they put housing around it.) 😉

Resistance remains as Fountain Valley Crossings' environmental report heads to council vote

... Daily Pilot / L.A. Times on 6/16/2017

“Some people ask me, ‘Kim, what’s the main reason you don’t want this?’ ” she said.

She paused.

“There’s so many reasons.”

Like the others who sat around her, she worries about parking woes, increased traffic and burgeoning enrollment burdening nearby schools. 
She worries that some property owners will be tempted to evict small-business owners so they can sell their land to developers.

Fountain Valley Crossings plan for housing, retail and entertainment moves on to City Council

... Orange County Register on 5/11/2017

"Local activist Kim Constantine, who has rallied opposition to the plan, has said the environmental impact report is “legally deficient” in a number of areas and has vowed to continue fighting against it".

Contentious Fountain Valley Crossings retail-residential project seeks environmental OK Wednesday  ... Daily Pilot on 5/2/2017

The Planning Commission will vote Wednesday, 5/10 at 6 p.m.

"Kim Constantine is a regular Crossings critic. In a lengthy response to the report, she wrote that she challenges “each and every” section of the report, from traffic and land use and planning to noise and greenhouse gas emissions.

On traffic, she wrote:

“Tremendously increased traffic to cause congestion and further delays in residents’, business’ and visitors’ access to the 405 Freeway. How can the city of Fountain Valley justify this and have our residents, business owners and visitors to our city see it as a positive?”

"Fountain Valley Planning Commission to view final draft of massive zoning plan" ... Orange County Register on 5/4/2017 in the Fountain Valley View and in the OC Register on 5/2/2017

"Kim Constantine, a past city council candidate, has been a staunch opponent of the plan since its outset. She has called the report “deeply flawed” and argues that it doesn’t fulfill its objective of answering environmental concerns".

"Residents hear latest plans for Fountain Valley Crossings project" ... Orange County Register on 1/29/17

"I believe it is beyond irresponsible for people to make public comments on the biggest redevelopment in our FV City history without first reading and understanding very well the 2,250 pages it entails"...Kim Constantine

"At 60, Fountain Valley looks to revitalize and reinvent"

...Los Angeles Times on 1/27/17

"Crossings-area plan draws trepidation from Fountain Valley residents" ...Fountain Valley View on 7/13/16

"Fountain Valley considers Crossings development plan"

... O.C. Register on 7/6/2016

FV Crossings = Form-Based Code High Density and Anything Goes Zoning.  There is no going back!