-Please message me, call or text for the very latest 15-page letter our/your Attorney, Ms. Giovinco sent to City Hall on 11/20.  What?  Why?  Click for the Resident and Business flyers.  KEEP THE CHECKS COMING FOR OUR / YOUR ATTORNEY!  CITY COUNCIL VOTE IN EARLY JANUARY, 2018!

-Everyone, we are doing the heavy lifting for you!  Now, we just need your CONFIDENTIAL legal fund donation check.  Our CEQA Attorney, Ms. Giovinco is so highly competent she's managed to push back the City's efforts.  Did you know City Hall authorized the spending of $45,000 for their own legal counsel?  Contact me (Kim) at 714-335-2280 or email me:  kimconstantine@socal.rr.com to pick up your confidential legal fund donation or you may make out the check to "Fountain Valley United" and mail to Fountain Valley United c/o 18659 Los Leones Street, Fountain Valley, CA 92708.  Thank you in advance for helping us fight this and preserve the integrity of our "Nice Place to Live".  The time to act is NOW, since the matter is tentatively scheduled to go to a vote by City Council mid-January, 2018!  Let's keep those confidential donations coming in!

-You can still email your thoughts about the rezoning for this light industrial / manufacturing area that will allow commercial property owners to oust their tenants and replace it with high density housing of up to 6 stories.  City Hall is working fast and furious, since the 405 Freeway Expansion will start soon and our streets and freeway will be negatively impacted for 6+ years.  IT'S MAJOR!  Read all about that on the lefthand side.  It is expected to go directly to a City Council vote in EARLY-January, 2018.  Yes, that soon!  Please email: Rick.Miller@fountain valley.org, Matt.Mogensen@fountainvalley.org & copy me at kimconstantine@socal.rr.com.  Call/text me, Kim 714-335-2280.

-The deadline passed to submit environmental concern comments in writing to City Hall.  Want to see it anyway?  See "OFFICIAL NOTICE:  EIR Comments..." page on the lefthand side.  Here is the recirculated EIR

-Sign the "No on FV Crossings" Petition, wherever you live.  Click here.

City Council will vote on FV Crossings tentatively on 1/16/2018.

On 9/19/2017, City Council approved $45,000 for legal consultation with the Sohagi Law Group of Los Angeles in addition to the $1 million dollars already spent on the defective project.  :(  They revised the EIR and just put it out again.  Why the rush?  They want City Council rezoning approval before the big 6+ years long 405 Freeway expansion starts in a few months!  Our streets will be a mess, LOTS of extra traffic, businesses negatively impacted, noise, detours, inconveniences, and extra time needed to get around.  Learn about our amazing retained CEQA Attorney, Ms. Ginetta Giovinco here.  Sign the "No" Petition.  Click here or the red box.

FOUNTAIN VALLEY BUSINESS OWNERS:  I have been told that when the zoning changed in Huntington Beach, leases for businesses were converted to a month-to-month, then the business owners were given 30 days to vacate their longtime business locations.  It happened very quickly.  Just 30 days -- think about that.  You MUST get involved TODAY.  We have a small window to fight this once the Final EIR gets certified.  After that, there will be no turning back!   We must be prepared BEFORE City Council votes.

Have you mailed in your confidential legal fund donation check to Fountain Valley United?  Call Kim at 714-335-2280 to pick up today or mail to:  Fountain Valley United c/o 18659 Los Leones Street, Fountain Valley, CA 92708.

I remind everyone, all the high-density housing in Huntington Beach started immediately when the project was greenlighted.  They did not wait years.  There are now thousands of high-density housing units built, not only in Hungtington Beach -- also Irvine, Santa Ana, Orange, Newport Beach, etc.

Who are the people pictured below?  They are Fountain Valley City Council who will decide the fate of Fountain Valley Crossings... the largest redevelopment in our City's history.    From left to right are, Mayor Protem Michael Vo, Council Member Mark McCurdy, Mayor John Collins, Council Member Cheryl Brothers, and Council Member Steve Nagel.  (Collins will be termed out in 2018; MCCurdy and Vo will be up for re-election.  No word yet if they will run again.  Many believe they will approve the Draft EIR as is, ignoring recommendations the Planning Commission approved.  By greenlighting the EIR, it will be more lucrative to the developers City Hall is anxious to bring in.

Do you live or have a business in Fountain Valley near Euclid, Ellis, Talbert, or Newhope?

Have you heard of FV Crossings? The City’s plan to rezone this area that will tempt property owners into selling out to developers to build high density housing of up to 6 stories, office buildings of the same size, and townhomes in this area.

How high is 6 stories? Have you seen the Hyundai building? There you go. I assure you, those saying the plans will make this an "entertainment mecca", a "shopping district", or "our new downtown" are misleading people, since they have not read the plans.

If City Council passes FV Crossings, in no time, I assure you, a building or buildings will come down, and others built in its place. (After all, that's what happened in Huntington Beach).

Did you know:

-The 405 Freeway expansion at Euclid and Ellis will start this year and continue for at least 6 years?

-All bridges in Fountain Valley will come down and be rebuilt?

-We will have lots of freeway and road detours, construction noise, and extra traffic on our city streets for at least 6 years starting this year?

-Ward Street will have 4 lanes and 2 bicycle lanes? All this freeway, bridge and road work is totally separate from the FV Crossings Project. Even visitors to our city will be affected, not just our residents and businesses.

The Planning Commission unanimously approved FV Crossings in the May 10, 2017 trainwreck of a meeting. The televised meeting playback clearly reflect they did not read it. After all, it was 2,250+ pages. My word to describe that meeting: trainwreck.  Watch the video
here.   Their vote was merely a RECOMMENDATION that City Council approve it.  Ultimately, it will be City Council to vote in the future, once it goes through the process.

We have a very prominent CEQA Attorney onboard and want everyone to know they may contribute towards the legal fund, so the integrity of our “nice place to live” is preserved.  Learn about her
hereYour legal fund contributions will always remain confidential.

You may reach me at anytime via pm, phone / text to 714-335-2280. I’m happy to answer your questions, provide information, etc.

HAZARDOUS MATERIALS in the FV Crossings Project Area?!  

Click here to see.

Link here for the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board 

regarding the Fountain Valley Channel: Former City Gun Range and City Yard, Urban Runoff, and Stormwater Runoff.

To see the factual rebuttal to the City and to the people who wrongly say FV Crossings will not have high density housing, clickhere.

Huntington Beach has a Facebook Forum dedicated to their disgust of high density.  Click here

Opposed to FV Crossings?  You can help out today!  Walk flyers around your neighborhoods, have them available in your businesses, share the info on Facebook, Twitter, and by email.    Help me and others assisting to preserve the integrity of our "nice place to live".  Connect with me via the "Contact" page on the left side.

Thank you for your support!  :)


FV Crossings = Form-Based Code High Density and Anything Goes Zoning.  If approved by FV City Council, there is no going back! 

   FOUNTAIN VALLEY CROSSINGS  (as of 12/5/2017 at 8 a.m.)

This is the largest redevelopment in Fountain Valley's history.  Our city will be forever changed ... for the worst.  This is massive!  Don't miss the opportunity to have your voice heard.  Have you signed the Petition above via the link in the red box and sent emails?

See the photos below!  Thank you to everyone who submitted Fountain Valley Crossings Draft EIR Comments. There is a common thread through it all and it’s not good.  Some experts deem the Draft EIR as a highly flawed, blatantly defective document.  There was truly a standout received from a prominent CEQA Attorney with 4 published Appellate Decisions.  Click on this must see! 

Your donation, to the legal fund, of any amount is greatly appreciated and will be used 100% to fund legal services.  Please click here.

FV Crossings = Form-Based Code High Density and Anything Goes Zoning.  If approved by FV City Council, there is no going back!

Make out your checks.  City Hall is at it again.  You must act NOW!