FV Crossings = Form-Based Code High Density and Anything Goes Zoning.  There is no going back! 

These City Council Members unanimously approved Fountain Valley Crossings... the largest redevelopment in our City's history.  Mayor Michael Vo, Mayor Protem Steve Nagel, Council Member John Collins, and Council Member Cheryl Brothers.  They approved the EIR as is, ignoring approved Planning Commission recommendations for 2 parking spaces per unit.  They approved the most minimal parking per unit so it'll be more lucrative to the developers City Hall is anxious to see come in.  You see, it would cost more for lucrative parking!  ;)


The Planning Commission unanimously approved FV Crossings in the May 10, 2017 trainwreck of a meeting. The televised meeting playback clearly reflects they did not read it.    Watch the video here.  

Here is the latest as of 2/9/2018 at 5 p.m. -- and here's the article!  Watch the 2/6 City Council Meeting video here.  I spoke about item #11 and at the end of the agenda items, during public comments.

A growing group of Fountain Valley residents are considering an “ACTION CAMPAIGN”, given the state of the leadership in our “nice place to live”, for WELL PRIOR to the election. 

They have some key points that I have included here. These pictured City Council Members (Vo, Nagel, and Brothers):

-increased your sales tax for the next 20 years and are possibly considering a new one.

-just raised your water, trash & sewer rates on 2/6 (in that same news article).

-just approved a still tremendously defective FV Crossings though the 405 Freeway Expansion is about to start and will negatively impact our entire city for the next 7 years, as our bridges will come down, lots more traffic, detours & more.

-refuse to get competitive bids for the Environmental (Rainbow) trash service.

-endlessly bullied their Council peer Mark Mc Curdy, passed him over for both Mayor and Mayor Protem -- causing him to resign immediately effective 1-15.

-appointed one of their cronies, Larry Crandall, as Council Member to fill the vacant seat until the November election, as the City does not have a succession plan in the event of a seat vacancy or death.
  Read the recent article here.

-don't listen to the people or care about the people -- I hear these over & over.

Is this something you would be interested in?
What are your thoughts?

People are telling me (and others) our City is going downhill more and more everyday and that we need new leadership.

If you feel more comfortable sending me a pm or phoning/texting me at 714-335-2280 or email me at kimconstantine@socal.rr.com, please do so at anytime.

I chose to put this out, as I am always very accessible to everyone and remain appropriately connected with both the residents and business owners.

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FV Council Member Mark Mc Curdy RESIGNED on 1/15 -- effective immediately.  Click here.

Did you know the City of Fountain Valley DOES NOT have a Succession Plan in the Event of a City Council Member Seat Vacancy or Death?  Per Government Code Section 36512, the City has 60 days from commencement of vacant seat to either appoint someone or shall call a Special Election. (City staff has determined the cost would be approx. $200,000).

From the Tuesday, 1/23 City Council Meeting: “I’m Kim Constantine.
I learned a long time ago, here actually -- that staying silent is acceptance. I just can’t believe I have to say this to you.

As someone who prides herself in looking at the big picture, I must say I am very disappointed in City staff in recommending conducting interviews for residents to fill the former McCurdy Council seat until the next election.

Interviews?! ? ?

Council Members, how do I say this nicely? We DO NOT WANT one of your cronies to be sworn in and serving on the City Council until the next election on November 8th! This makes no sense, as you are all peers!

What about when the RESIDENTS OF FOUNTAIN VALLEY SPOKE via their vote in the last Election in 2016? I received the third highest number of votes when incumbents Brothers and Nagel were re-elected, so it makes the best sense to, please swear me in.

A Special Election would cost approx. $200,000 and of course I would run, so why spend the money? My name has been out there for the last several years, and on tons of flyers, etc. I am always connecting with both the residential and business communities and doing my absolute best to preserve the integrity of our "nice place" to live. THAT is my priority and I never stop – even when I lose my voice!

The Council places a HUGE emphasis on the twice a year Strategic Planning Meeting. We’re covered there. You see, I have attended all 6 for the last 3 years. :)  One thing is clear: People need to stop creating and imposing non-existent requirements. That utter nonsense does not trump the voice of the peoples’ votes!  If you refuse to honor the results of the last election, then I AM in favor of the City holding a Special Election.

I want to thank so many of my supporters who have already contacted City Hall in writing – and quite a few of you are here tonight. I am very grateful.

NO CHERRY PICKING!  Thank you, again”. 

I am updating this website, please keep checking back.


-Since the rezoning passed, the commercial property owners in this light industrial / manufacturing area may oust their tenants and replace it with high density housing of up to 6 stories.  City Hall worked fast and furious to pass this, as the 405 Freeway Expansion starts soon.  Our streets & freeway will be negatively impacted for 6+ years.  IT'S MAJOR!  See the lefthand side.  When the zoning changed in Huntington Beach, leases for businesses were converted to month-to-month, then the business owners were given a short time to vacate their longtime business locations.