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Each person or business may

donate up to $500 per candidate

per election.  This is per Section 2.90.020 of the FV Municipal Code.

As of 10/13/2018 a 5:50 p.m.

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Fellow Fountain Valley residents, it is my pleasure to again run for our City Council so that I may best serve our "nice place to live".  For years now, I have been consistently working hard for you on major City issues and attending and participating in City Council, Planning Commission, Strategic Planning, Measure HH Oversight Committee Meetings, and Mayor’s Breakfasts.  I am the only City Council Candidate who has done that.  The others don’t have the attendance record I do, as a few just recently started making "guest appearances" at a few meetings.  Unfortunately, the others won't take a stand on City issues.  That does not sit well with me.  How does that serve you, the voter?

I will make decisions in the absolute best interest of residents, businesses and visitors to our City without ties or obligations to unions or special interests.

I am a proud longtime resident and member of several local organizations.  I love meeting and connecting with everyone and am fortunate fellow residents and businesses continue to share with me comments, concerns, and ideas about this great City.  More about me?  Okay.  Please see "Who is Kim Constantine" on the lefthand side.

You will continue to have my time and energy as a fully committed City Council Member as I remain accessible at 714-335-2280, by the contact page on this site and by email: 
kimconstantine@socal.rr.com.  Thank you for your support and vote so I may best represent you and ensure Fountain Valley remains a nice, very desirable place to live and prosperous for businesses.


Here is more of what you can expect from me:

-No new taxes.  I will continue fighting against City tax increases, just as I did with Measure HH.  It is irresponsible and against the best interest of our residents for the City to place increased financial burdens on us in the form of tax increases and/or new taxes and fees.  Measure HH was never about public safety, police, fire, or closing the senior center, as the City put it out.  Instead, it was about unfunded staff pensions.  Many residents feel duped and now pay more for delivered merchandise and vehicles they purchase outside FV.

-Stop City Hall’s wasteful spending and operate within our financial means.

-No high density housing!  Continue fighting against the City’s promoting of expensive high-density housing of up to 6 stories / high-rise office towers in “Fountain Valley Crossings”, the newly mixed-use rezoned approximately 162 acres near the 405 Freeway.  It will devastate and displace good job providing, revenue producing, industrial / light manufacturing businesses that support our community not to mention overburden our infrastructure, traffic, and more.  I am okay with a hotel or 2, if the plans work out; however, NOT in combination with high density housing of up to 7 stories.

-Ensure unfunded staff pensions are aggressively and appropriately paid down with Measure HH (sales tax increase) money.  I will ensure the City of Fountain Valley pays down much more unfunded staff pension liability with the additional $11.5+ million dollars annual revenue in Measure HH revenue (the sales tax increase that took effect in April, 2017).  In the 9/20 Candidates Forum, you heard me say we’re using the money to pay down just a mere 17% of the $85+ million unfunded staff pension debt.  If we paid it down much more aggressively, we could pay it off in less than 8 years.  The City prefers the 20-plan – and to then EXTEND the tax, as they’ll be spending it elsewhere!  There's been fallout about the City’s role of putting Measure HH out to the people (since they sold the people on “public safety”, when it was really about unfunded staff pensions, as then-Mayor Collins somewhat cryptically announced in the November 20, 2017 City Council Meeting and more recently in the August 21st City Council Meeting by Council Member Brothers stating she, “attended the probable cause hearing with the FPPC in Sacramento with the City Attorney”.

-I support putting City contracts out to bid.

-Repeal the Gas Tax.  We are taxed enough!

It is important to retain our businesses while attracting new ones — the same with attracting families to our city.

-I will never accept campaign contributions from our City vendors, unions, and special interest.  I believe it is a conflict of interest and is not in the absolute best interest of the City.

Want a yard sign?  Want to help with my Campaign?  Deliver flyers? 

Post signs?  Please message me at kimconstantine@socal.rr.com or on my "Contact" page.

Unfortunately, FOUNTAIN VALLEY CROSSINGS is a done deal:

In January, City Council unanimously approved "Fountain Valley Crossings", the largest redevelopment in our City's history.  The light manufacturing / industrial area of 162 acres near the 405 Feeway at Ellis/Euclid was rezoned for mixed use.  City Council approved the tremendously flawed EIR as was, ignoring Planning Commission recommendations for 2 parking spaces per unit.  They approved the deeply flawed EIR with the most minimal parking per super expensive high density housing unit, so it'll be more lucrative to the developers they are anxious to see come in.  You see, it would cost more for ample parking!  ;)    Greenspace in the plans?  No grassy areas, so children in the new high density housing complexes will play in the parking lots of existing nearby businesses.  Here's the 1/23/2018 City Council Meeting videoI am okay with a hotel or 2, if the plans work out; however, NOT in combination with high density housing of up to 7 stories.

Since the rezoning passed, the commercial property owners MAY oust their tenants and replace the buildings with high density housing of up to 6 stories.  City Hall worked fast and furious to pass FV Crossings, as the 405 Freeway Expansion was about to go full speed.  Our city streets, bridges, and freeway will be negatively impacted with closures and detours for 5+ years.  IT'S MAJOR, as you see on the lefthand side. 

Timestamp 0:35 on this
videoreflects City Hall staffer Matt saying,

"We are looking for DEVELOPERS and new businesses to work with existing property owners to unleash the retail, office and residential opportunities...." Yes, City Hall is seeking developers.

(Developers = stack and pack high density housing -- just like HB, CM, Irvine, etc).In fact, the City has participated in several tradeshows promoting FV Crossings.

See the maphere, on page 8 of where the new, super expensive housing units of up to 6 stories will be (of course, it can all change for EVEN MORE OR ALL HOUSING, as that's in the plans for those who read them.  More marketing materialhere. 

What about existing businesses that don't own their land?  The City has incentives for property owners, and are anxious for them to sell out to the developers.  Wonder what the costs were for the video and all these brand new marketing materials. Months ago, it was well over a million dollars... $1,000,000!

The still very defective FV Crossings Plan was never read by our Planning Commission and City Council. That's especially clear by viewing the 5/10/2017 Planning Commission
video.  For someone who has really read all the plans, it is extremely painful to watch.  Here's the 1/23/2018 City Council Meeting video.